Band of Spears

Everyone grows up with the story of Chieftess Shaeleth, her transformation into a Jesoph, and how she become one with the land. The Jesoph bloodlines also gained immortality, but figure less prominently in our mythology. Immortality did not seem to be enough. The heirs of the first Jesophs seldom equaled the deeds of their forbears. Similarly, the sons of great conquerors generally fail to match their father’s achievements. For example, the feckless sons of the horse warrior Jakenerva squandered his empire in a generation.

At the time of the first Jesophs, not all considered the transformation a blessing. Parlee, the middle child of Chieftess Shaeleth, evaded being bound to the gods. She gathered loyal warriors to form the Band of Spears. The Band of Spears avoided the destructive wars of the Jesoph Novinderai, which proved critical, for Parlee’s daughter Tahibi was later able to drive the god Hrundal into amorphia.

For most sources, the story of the Band of Spears ends here, and it is assumed that the descendants of Parlee were scattered or killed in the upheavals of subsequent years. Such an outcome seemed reasonable and few scholars sought information to the contrary. I have uncovered sources that indicate the Band of Spears survived the upheavals and still exists, led by the female line of Parlee. The gods no longer walk the land, but their instruments the Jespohs still exert great influence in the world. Now the Band of Spears is the most powerful force that seeks to keep the Jesophs in check.

When the Great King Hammanadi suddenly ceased warring with his neighbors, that was the handiwork of the Band of Spears. Only by this amazing event were the nations strong enough to resist the Scordite attack from across the Western Ocean. Hammanadi’s prescience is lauded as an example for others to follow, and we even celebrate the signing of his treaty each year. Yet this act was no mere good fortune: it was the Band of Spears opposing the will of the Jesoph Anuless.

Nemerol, last of the line of Herol

Band of Spears

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