He was a mighty horse warrior, the first to truly parlay the slavery of the horses into military might. The additional speed, stamina, height, and ferocity in battle was breathtaking to those on foot. Jakenerva was not born to power, he seized it.

As a teenager, he was riding on the plains when he encountered a Daetami spirit called Marvak that sneered at his mortality and attempted to merge him with his horse, as it had with a number of others before him. He ran, and though he was thoroughly outmatched by the spirit, he felt shame for his cowardice. He appealed to a “mysterious hermit” (speculation is rampant as to what he actually talked to) and received a spear Spiter that could wound spirits. It stitched through their fabric and tied them to the material of the world, badly injuring them and limiting their power.

Using the spear, he chased Marvak away from his tribe. Since their chieftain had been turned into a centaur, the tribe chose him and his line to lead.

The truly remarkable part of his tale is how he adapted the culture of the tribe to revile everything that was different than themselves. This shared hate, nurtured with suspicion, fear mongering, and exploitation, propelled them into battle with their neighbors. Those who were Kreshtar were well treated even in defeat. Those who were not were lucky to be enslaved.

In a short three decades he controlled the land to natural boundaries in every direction, but his liver was wrecked and he had many supernatural injuries and toxins that worried at his tattered life force. He managed to have seven sons and three daughters. He split the spiritual work of the tribe among his daughters, and the war-making of the tribe among his sons. Each received an enchanted spear, and his son Voskard recieved Spiter.

The youngest, Airelee, dreamed of ruling the tribe. She was small and sickly. She reflexively nurtured the grudges among her siblings, and even engaged in starting a war between local spirit populations so various factions rendered her various aid. She was profoundly spiteful, so while she had a gift for growing the flickering traces of resentment into full-scale conflict, she had no gift for inspiring loyalty or unity.

By the time she won Spiter and command of the tribe, it was fractured into war. Marvak, lusting after revenge, seduced her and became her consort on the council (in disguise). She was poisoned by someone on her war council, and Spiter was stolen by Marvak.


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