Despite the common account of Kharetch as a self-serving slavedriver, it is my belief that the historical record paints a more complex picture.

It is hard to imagine the Clockwork Kingdom of Laniros managing to attain any sort of advanced magitechnological progress without at least some sort of knowledgeable workers, contrary to the popular imagery of a nation of slaves toiling at hard labour. Certainly, an unskilled class of workers would also have been necessary to support the kingdom, but then this is true of our own great civilisation too. It’s plain to see that class strata are a natural consequence of any social structure more advanced than a few savages scratching out a living in mud huts.

The symbols so obviously lovingly carved into the bottom of the as-yet-undeciphered Emerald Compass are, I believe, the initials or other maker’s mark of a Lanirosian craftsman. Doubtless the technically-skilled middle class competed for their reputations.

There is no doubt in my mind that the Great Pyramid of Kharetch was designed by the jesoph himself, as claimed in the record of the Laniros Cylinders. Divine inspiration would account for the never-before-seen scale and ingenuity visible in what we know of its design. The scope of the idea itself, to ward an entire city from amorphia storms, was a breathtaking leap of imagination and daring. Naturally a great many working-class citizens must have been required to raise the perimeter obelisks, which the Cylinders number at least a thousand strong; and many more must have been involved in the construction of the pyramid itself! Morthellus of Vaigollus believes that the Golden Rune of Gemin is one of the outer plates — and it weighs over a ton!

After the great pyramid was complete, while Kharetch and many of his people were inside giving praise to the gods, an amorphia storm erupted. True to its design, the barrier of obelisks repelled its terrible force; but this was to no avail since the storm had erupted inside the barrier. Kharetch must have activated some great divine magic: as recorded by the Cylinders, the storm was funnelled and pulled through into the pyramid. Sadly, the greatest testament to Kharetch’s rule is this: following this last act of self-sacrifice to protect his people, the kingdom barely lasted a decade without his strong leadership.

From the pen of Baron Jyostan Hyordruton


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