Last Departure

The Last Departure of the Seven Spirits was a sorrowful event in the history of our world. They are known to most as a vague legend if at all, and only scant few pay them homage in these days.

The Urthalic Saga records the creation of the Ealatami-colu by Brothuxia in the Age of Gods. Seven mighty spirits, each embodying one of the seven domains of creativity: vocal, aural, visual, written, craft, dynamic (that is, dance or acting), and alchemical. Although possessed of Brothuxia’s power, the scholar-god had granted them some measure of independence, perhaps out of some unknown divine plan, or perhaps out of simple pragmatism. After Kavasa abandoned her skies, the Ealatami-colu took to the heavens in the Barge of the Spirits to sail amongst the stars. Periodically they would return to the world, where they delighted in the artworks created by mortalkind. The most skilled mortal artists were taught supernatural techniques by the Seven Spirits, pushing their abilities beyond the possible. It is said, for instance, that a Malathindarian painter named Autellus created portraits to adorn the walls of the royal palace which came to life to defend the royal family when the palace was sacked. These great masters of the arts were titled the Barwyddi by the Spirits.

When the time came for the Ealatami-colu to again depart for the skies, they would each select the greatest artist of that generation, seven mortals according to the seven arts. These champions would accompany the Spirits on their celestial voyage, spreading their genius amongst the stars. At the place where the Barge visited the world, a city of seven silver towers was built, and it was named Cathagnaos, meaning The City of Beauty.

Over time, the Barwyddi grew arrogant in their mastery, and thought themselves equals to the Seven Spirits. A man named Konir from the now-lost Kingdom of Mysall obtained a droplet of amorphia from the Yellow Pool, and with its power of change and transformation he and many others among the Barwyddi thought to create an Eighth Art, giving birth to an incarnation of pure aesthetics in physical form. The Octavists, as they called themselves, prepared a demonstration as the time came for the Ealatami-colu to return to the world. When the Barge of the Spirits began to descend from the skies, they began their performance.

Instantly the shining city of Cathagnaos was destroyed, folding in on itself and vanishing from sight. Consternation and anguish washed through the mortals and spirits on the Barge, and those survivors from the outlying lands. When the Seven Spirits went to the place where the city had been, they found only a single gem of unparalleled beauty. Almost all of the Barwyddi had been wiped out. In anger the Spirits struck the ground and tore it asunder. The river Luyce poured into the chasm, and in the depths of that place the Spirits buried the Diamond of Cathagnaos. To this day the end of the river Luyce is known as the Diamond Mist Falls.

The Ealatami-colu gathered together the remainder of the Barwyddi and raised up a new generation of masters of the arts, strictly instructing them in responsibility. But when time came for them to depart, no mortal was found of sufficient skill to become a champion of the Spirits. And so, with heavy hearts, the Seven Spirits departed one last time from our world, sailing their Barge into the deep heavens; and they returned no more to the lands below. The Barwyddi pass on to each generation the techniques entrusted to them, hoping that one day mortals might create a work of art so elegant, so perfect, that the Ealatami-colu cannot fail to notice it and return.

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Last Departure

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