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Seekers of Lore is a campaign in a shared-world setting.

Long ago, the world was created by the gods, but before they were finished doing so they were forced to leave suddenly, in a great upheaval. Many things, much knowledge, and even places were lost when the world changed. The civilization that had flourished under the gods was broken and the peoples scattered.

Important Pages

The Microscope Hierarchy shows the timeline generated during our Microscope session, with links to likely wiki entries in the Lexicon.

The Lexicon Status page identifies the wiki entries added each round and nominated new pages.

The Adventure Logs index reports on games played in the world, and the events uncovered therein.


We are using guidelines derived from Lexicon (created by Neel Krishnaswami) and Microscope (created by Ben Robbins).

While both Lexicon and Microscope are presented as games, we are treating this more as a ‘shared activity’ — in part because it is difficult to come up with a good scoring mechanism, but mostly because nobody cares about ‘winning’.


A bit of information about how to use the wiki.

Main Page

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