Microscope Framing


Normally in Microscope the palette is set and unchanging for the entire time being examined. In the setting for Seekers of Lore, though, some fundamental things change. I have added a level ‘above’ the Period, the Age. For each Age the palette can be different.

The campaign spans three ages: the Age of Gods, the Age of Upheaval or the Age of Madness, and the Age of Rediscovery.

Age of Gods

Theme: The gods have created the Prime Plane and are refining it, making it better for their purposes. Civilization grows and flourishes.

In the Age of Gods, the gods created the Prime Plane as a haven from Amorphia

  • in: gods walk the earth [Keith]

Age of Upheaval/Age of Madness

Theme: An amorphic maelstrom in which Paradise (plane of the gods) shattered and there were large changes to the prime plane. Things in the Prime Plane became “more what they were”, enhancing or increasing their nature.

In the Age of Upheaval, the Age of Madness, an amorphic maelstrom swept across Paradise and disrupted their Grand Project. The creation of the Prime Plane had to be abandoned and the gods were forced out of the Prime Plane. However, despite the upheaval and madness caused by the amorphic maelstrom, enough had been done that the Prime Plane was able to survive… albeit changed.

  • in: gods are leaving the earth [Keith]

Age of Rediscovery

Theme: something of a old school style setting, exploring lost places and finding lost things.

After the amorphic maelstrom passed, the Prime Plane settled again. The gods and their planes were scattered throughout amorphia, and while they may still have connections to the Prime Plane they cannot themselves enter the Prime Plane. They must act through mortal agents to rebuild what was lost… if the gods can be brought together again, perhaps they can complete their creation of a save haven.

This is the Age of Rediscovery.

  • out: gods no longer walk the earth [Keith]

Microscope Framing

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