Nexuses of History

Examination of the history of Idruit shows the sophisticated observer that there are places more significant than others, places where events unfold to change the world.

The Pearly Isle was the scene of the Shattering of Faith, the Redemption of Therolas, and the Conjury of Ilaster.

The Diamond Mist Falls were witness to the Loss of Vaolir, the Treaty of the Jesophs, the Concordance Revelation, and the Last Departure.

The Plains of Kresh were home of the Kreshtar Nomads, drivers of civilization, and the grave of Orospeal, god of craft and knowledge.

This is no coincidence.

Over time, some places become somehow more than other places. Almost all become more dangerous to those who would be inimical to them, many become more hazardous to those unprepared, some few may become bastions of safety to those who can find them. It is possible to discover through observation the nature of the changes, and often that there has been a change is readily apparent.

Even late in the Age of Upheaval major changes were always associated with major events. It is known that amorphia is a catalyst of great change. It is evident that places of power such as I describe are somehow closer to or have been touched by amorphia. While it is evident that the influence of amorphia draws further events to such places, I submit that great events draw amorphia to an area, thereby making it a nexus for further great events.

Hadrael of Mysallanin

Nexuses of History

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