Purges of Noviolir

Noviolir… Noviolir, father of honor and forever to be venerated.

In the time of Lecver, when the Niltami came from the broken places and shattered truth so the shards would rend the noble, you came forth from beyond the veils to guide your children.

You forged truth itself into weapons, and into shields, and you gave them to your children to stand against the Concordists.

In your name they went forth to battle the evils of the Niltami. Your children stood arm in arm against the arrows of rumor. All were harmed by the malicious shards of fact, yet they withstood and accepted the imperfections all mortals have.

Some were brought down by their imperfections, some were brought down by those angered by their revealed actions. Enough survived… enough. Like iron is bound with other metals to become a stronger alloy, the purging of corruption in the souls of your children, fired by their trials, forged your children into greater creatures.

The light of honorable truth revealed the nature of the enemy, those who spoke in the fashion of Yorolaeth, Whisperer of the Damned. The alloy of their souls gave them the strength to smite the enemy. The implacable will of your children gave them the endurance to harry the enemy, to drive the Concordists forth, from the lands of the Kreshtar.

Hail Noviolir, Father of Honor!

— Thelas

Purges of Noviolir

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