Most scholars, including the esteemed Nemerol, focus most of their investigations close to home, the Idruit continent. This leads to an unfortunate narrowing of vision that limits the breadth and depth of their knowledge. I shall now attempt to help them past their limitations.

Far across the Western Ocean is another continent, Eschordin. The northeastern corner of this continent is well-isolated from the rest of the continent by the Great Wall Range. Here, a scholar with the foresight, courage, and fortitude to leave his cushioned chambers where he rests on the laurels inherited from his alleged ancestor can find a nation called Scord.

Scord is a strangely regimented place. Where Idruit is a melange of cultures spawning from the perturbations of history and amorphia, my investigations and research find that Scord became more orderly during the Age of Upheaval, rather than more varied. The geography does not follow the same development as in Idruit, with gradual changes between geographical types. Instead, there can be drastic and dramatic changes in geography as you travel. This seems almost artificial, compared to the more natural and understandable transitions between landforms in Idruit.

Similarly, the creatures present in Scord vary much more than in Idruit. Idruit is largely populated by humanoid races that came about during the Great Diaspora — the Kreshtar, Dwiran, and Elorii all became more true to their nature and are evidently no longer interfertile, though all have some ability to breed with humans, though the offspring seem to always be sterile — and animals. The creatures of Scord are more varied in their nature, exhibiting traits foreign and alien to the creatures of Idruit.

Divinations of Schmek, volumes 5-8, contain hints that the gods chose certain places to develop and evaluate new creatures and even new types of geography. I submit that Scord is such a place, as evidenced by the varied and seemingly artificial nature of the geography… and the creatures.

I posit that just as the Age of Upheaval caused all in Idruit to become more true to its nature, it had a similar effect on Scord. While the gods in Idruit interacted with mortals during the Age of Gods, the gods in Scord used it as a testbed for developing and evaluating new creatures.

The effects of amorphia during the Age of Upheaval appears to have accelerated or emphasized this. The boundaries between geographical landforms became greater, and the creatures themselves became more alien and unnatural.

I have little doubt that this was a catastrophic event for those creatures present at the time. Many were probably rendered unviable, and would have died in short order. However, I daresay that those that survived this cataclysm were stronger, tougher, perhaps smarter… better fit to survive the enhanced world they now live in.

I cannot find indications of the continued presence of the gods, but it seems the inherited and inherent competition of the creatures present in Scord has continued to develop the creatures’ puissance. The diversion of the developmental processes to produce viciously aggressive species is likely what led to the Scordite invasion last century. When the population became great enough, mechanisms left in place by the gods shipped samples of the creatures to Idruit to see if they could be ‘integrated’ into the more stable Idruit ecology… and being what they were, the creatures had no ‘peaceful’ approaches available.

While in Scord we were able to find ruins of humanoid manufacture, but we saw nothing that might be recognized as ‘humanoid races’ such as we have in Idruit. There were creatures more or less humanoid in form, but often merged with other creatures and as dangerous as the creatures around them — as might be expected. We were unable to establish peaceful communication, but this may be because they were confused by our being present, evidently dangerous (as demonstrated by the creatures we had slain), but not aggressively violent toward them.

We also found indecipherable ‘texts’ carved in stone, most likely because more ephemeral media (books and scrolls and the like) have decayed or been eaten by the creatures present.

Hadrael of Mysallanin


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