Speculations Regarding the Deflection of Amorphia in Laniros

Baron Jyostan Hyordruton,

I recently read your work on Kharetch. Now, after reading an article by Hadrael of Mysallanin on the Great Pyramid, I realize that you may find this of value. As you know, I had a vigorous correspondence with Morthellus before his death. He often sent me sections of books for review. While sorting through some papers I found an excerpt from Speculations Regarding the Deflection of Amorphia in Laniros that Morthellus subsequently elected not to publish. At that time, I thought little of this. Since his death, however, certain aspects of his work appear in a different and perhaps more sinister light.

Note that this is more of a sketch than a full elaboration of his ideas and contains no citations of his references.

Kharetch understood amorphia as few men have, and thought he could do the gods one better. He honed the craft of both machines and massive scale by organizing the Clockwork Kingdom of Laniros. Really, he did not care so much for power and control over people as the ability to pursue his building projects. Similarly, he did not build his Great Pyramid so much to protect his subjects as to deflect amorphia for his own purposes. History has been kinder to him than it should be, granting him a measure of benevolence in attempting to save people for whom he really cared little.

One naturally asks: for what purposes would Kharetch deflect amorphia? To answer this we must also ask: what is amorphia? It has been said that amorphia is a state. It might be more exact to consider amorphia a catalyst that promotes a change from one state to another. With such power, Kharetch could remake anything.

We know that the Great Pyramid of Kharetch was destroyed by amorphia. The Jesoph’s plan failed. If he had succeeded, the world might have achieved a state where no one remembered what came before, and considered his world the only natural order that had ever existed. And if another has already succeeded in this endeavor, we might never know.

Nemerol, last of the line of Herol

Speculations Regarding the Deflection of Amorphia in Laniros

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