Tablet of Toomerai

An historian has a difficult task. One must gather evidence from a myriad of ancient sources, many of them incomplete or of dubious veracity. Some documents are known to be lost, and others we would like to find were probably never written. In addition, little information about spirits, Jesophs and other venerable powers was ever recorded. For all of these reasons, a scholar such as myself who explores the fringes of “respectable” subjects has an especially difficult task. Still, I once more attempt to draw the threads of disparate topics into a coherent whole.

I have proposed elsewhere that the Band of Spears opposes the Jesophs. Since the Jesophs have a treaty with the Niltami, it follows that the Band also seeks to thwart the goals of the Niltami. Yet the members of the Band must remain hidden, for individually they are no match for a Jesoph or Niltami; secrecy and selflessness must be their main weapons.

The Band of Spears must also transmit its lore to future generations. Otherwise, their cause would expire once the last of them had died. In light of this, consider the well-known tale of Great King Hammanadi and the Daetami spirit Marvak. Hammanadi defeated the spirit’s forces on the Plains of Kresh and sealed Marvak in an oil lamp. The Great King hid the lamp in a system of caves near the battle site. Baron Jyostan Hyordruton believes the Tablet of Toomerai may contain a clue to the location of the cave.

I find the Baron’s reasoning to be solid and agree with his assessment of the tablet. However, the tablet has been translated numerous times and the clue has not been found. I believe the clue is indeed present, but has been obscured by a complex code known only to the Band of Spears. This secretive organization has embedded crucial knowledge within many historical documents. The Annals of Teletana are another likely source of coded information.

No member of the Band of Spears carries the group’s lore on his person. Instead, they must merely pass along the key and visit libraries that contain copies of the relevant texts. Such a translation key would be meaningless on it own. A cumbersome but elegant method when the cost of failure is death and the destruction of all we hold dear.

Nemerol, last of the line of Herol

Tablet of Toomerai

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