Seekers of Lore

The Baron's Expedition to Scord (part 1)
Land Ahoy!


  • kjdavies as Jerom the Ranger
  • Jay Dugger as Sandford the Thief

Our session opened with the lead ship of the expedition having just sighted land. A small celebration was rudely cut short by a pair of stilt-legged crabs clambering up the hull to terrorise everybody. A few well-placed stabs dispatched them (while the Baron gibbered in a corner). Captain Rose stood by with cutlass, but in the end she only needed to shepherd the other NPCs out of harm’s way.

[Baron Hyordruton] “Observations, specimens, speculations, anything we can get! We have equipment for preserving dead creatures, but I’m hopeful we can get some live specimens too. I’d love to examine the wildlife’s behaviour close up…”
(crabs attack)
[Sandford] “Baron? Would you care to examine the specimens?”

The ship then approached one of the bays along the shore (sketched from afar by the Mysallanin Expedition). It transpired that the bay contained a colossal Alabaster Vessel, just like those that tried to invade Idruit a century ago. Several piers made of the same spotlessly-white material marked out space for up to eight such ships to dock here. There is no sign of life.

[Jerom] “My great-great-granddad told me about them. Bugger me, I thought he was drunk.”
[Sandford] “How does it float? Does alabaster float?”

The Seacat moves in to dock (the second ship, Puddlejumper is lagging behind and the Baron doesn’t want to wait for them). A splash of blue on the pier turns out to be a bird, about the size of a large seagull. Sandford calls out to it for a laugh. It cranes its neck round to look at him, revealing a wide lamprey-like head on the end of said neck. Everyone is revolted, and the bird makes an unpleasant gulping noise before flying off into the jungle.

[Jerom] “Maybe great-great-grandda had a reason for drinking so much.”

There is a long low building of the same white material on the shore. While the ship gets tied up to the crystal-topped pillars along the pier, the Baron and our heroes start heading to shore, after first making sure they’re not wearing red shirts. The Alabaster Vessel’s gangway is deployed, but the entrance is blocked up with silvery logs (what appears to be a deliberate barricade). Sandford listens at the logs but hears nothing. Everybody advances to the shoreline, where the Baron insists on being first to step onto the land. He then proceeds to flub his triumphant soundbite.

We had to stop at this point as Jay had a prior engagement. Some unidentified debris could be vaguely seen inside the open entrance to the building on the shore. It’s dark though….


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