Legends are the threads that bind our civilization. Ask most people and you’ll find agreement that these myths explode from wildly exaggerated kernels of truth. How generous of them to admit that some part of our true history is real.

But I do not write for those with closed minds. No amount of evidence will convince them of the truth. Merely by holding this page in your hand, you separate yourself from the ignorant intellectuals and faux historians.

First, to give the flavor of the larger work I will eventually write, I will address the legend of the Jesoph Anuless. Famous as she is, few historians admit to her reality. Indeed, in his later years, the Scholar Rinshawe was shunned and pronounced mentally unstable after he published The Will That Shapes the World, a chronicle of the Jesoph’s rise after the abandonment of the gods. Alas, this work was suppressed and only fragments survive.

But these fragments are tantalizing! They speak of a world that exists around us and yet we do not see, of physical laws that remain idle until the bold man has the will to seize them! This was the breakthrough of Jesoph Anuless. In the vacancy left by the failures of the gods, she saw opportunity.

It is well known that Jesoph Anuless convinced her worshipers that she could better protect them by slaying their foes with a whispered word. Her new powers proved terrible to worshipers and enemies alike, and she gained the name “Breath of Death”.

Soon other Jesophs emulated her methods. Jesoph Shaeleth gained dominion over nature. Jesoph Iturian erected great buildings and monuments with a gesture. Here we get to the crux of the matter: what were the methods of Anuless. What did she discover first?

It was merely her Will, fueled by the faith of her worshippers. There is nothing mystical about this. The belief of thousands was concentrated and distilled into something Jesoph Anuless could wield as naturally as we grip a mug of ale. This implies that perhaps the power remains in us all, and we could rise to greatness should we also gain a motivated following.

Nemerol, last of the line of Herol


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