Golden Rune of Gemin

Esteemed Colleague Hadrael,

As we know, an amorphia storm destroyed the Great Pyramid of Kharetch and scattered the pieces over a vast range. Morthellus of Vaigollus spent the last years of his life cataloging as many pieces as he could find, and died before he could publish his results. The most famous piece, the Golden Rune of Gemin, ended up on the Pearly Isle, near the spot where Illaster performed his conjuration. Morthellus gave the Golden Rune little attention, since it was already well described and there were so many other pieces to find.

This was certainly true at the time of Morthellus’ death. I have, however, acquired a cache of documents from Thindar containing new information about the Golden Rune. Some of the documents are written in the same hand as those discovered by Morthellus on the Pearly Isle. The author claims to be an assistant of Illaster, and describes the preparations for the famous conjuration. I regret that Morhellus did not have access to these papers.

One page includes a passage about the Golden Rune of Gemin.

Master Illaster ordered that the Rune be moved to provide the “proper environment” for his conjuration. Even the Tetrarch thought Illaster had gone too far and urged him to reconsider. But the Master would hear none of this and asked the Tetrarch which was more important: diverting the Alabaster Fleet or a hunk of golden metal. Of course, Illaster got his way, as he always did.

Our team spent an entire day constructing an elaborate pulley system. We intended to repeatedly flip over the Rune until we had rolled it a few hundred yards. After two hours we had completed the first turn and Illaster walked over to examine the underside. He went pale. This was the only time I ever heard him use profanity. He could barely speak. In a croaking voice he ordered us to put it back.

I hurried to the Master’s side. By the time I reached him, he had fallen to his knees and was mumbling, “I understand. I understand.” He was staring at hundreds of lines of minute text. I could not read this language, except for one word: Illaster.

We returned the Rune to its original position.

The passage gave me goosebumps the first time I read it. I could not help looking over my shoulder. I must organize an expedition to the Pearly Isle, even if it bankrupts me.

Nemerol, last of the line of Herol

Golden Rune of Gemin

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