Great Library

Honourable fellows,

I was most gratified recently to read the recently-published article on the Emerald Compass by the diligent Nemerol. This information has shed new light on some odd matters I had previously noted in my own researches on the Great Library of the Toresh.

The Great Library was founded by Torivi the Wise, a direct descendant of Chieftain Toresh and one of the Kreshtar‘s most noble leaders. He intended the Library to serve as a repository of knowledge for the Kreshtar, and indeed for all peoples. Talented scribes faithfully copied out works of lore brought by travellers. It’s said that by the end of his rule, the tent of the Great Library dwarfed even Torivi’s own!

But here is the interesting point. I was fortunate enough to be permitted to read the Chronicles of the Toresh last year, and at the time I happened upon a strange note recorded during the reign of Torivi. It transpired that a man named Alinder appeared suddenly in the shrine of Brothuxia, seeming bewildered. He spoke a strange dialect of Old Bitterian, which fortunately one of the priests could understand. He was granted an audience with Torivi and it is noted in the Chronicles that they spent many hours together in private discussion. The scrolls which Alinder carried were dutifully transcribed for the Great Library, and I am sure you will be thrilled when I relate to you that one of them was a complete copy of the Records of Elraed! No fragments here: the text is quite clear that this was a complete and intact scroll.

I could see no further mention of Alinder, but I must confess I did not search very thoroughly, for my allotted time with the Chronicles was short and I was agog to see if I could divine the location of the scroll. Alas, I could find no further mention, and thus I must presume that it was still in the Great Library at the outbreak of the War of the Skies.

As you may know, one of the instigating events of the War of the Skies was due to a trickery of Hrundal. Through deceit and the provision of false evidence, the trickster-god convinced the star-serpents that the Great Library contained volumes blasphemous to Kavasa. At once the star-serpents were caught up in a devout rage and tore the Library tent asunder with a fearsome whirlwind. The countless documents within were dispersed to the four winds, reaching as far as the Mountains of Tein to the north, Hookbill Point to the west, and some were even found in distant Wedge. But by far the greater part were tossed deep in the heart of the Slough of Despair, doubtless by the design of the furious star-serpents. If the Records of Elraed has fallen in that cursed place, as I strongly suspect, then we must sadly consider it lost.

Cathang son of Bauiak

Great Library

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