Great Pyramid of Kharetch

By measuring the location (and direction of impact damage) of the remnants of the Great Pyramid of Kharetch I was able to plot the ‘final single’ location of the Great Pyramid of Kharetch, in the capital of what was once the Clockwork Kingdom of Laniros.

Laniros is a region in the northeast (and what was once the ‘north’) of Idruit. Contrary to expectation, the capital was not formerly in the center of this region, but in the south-central region of the former nation, in what is now called the Bay of Calistair. It amazes me, given the depth of the waters there, that there was anything to be found at all!

Somehow, not only can the remains of the capital of Laniros be found, but it is remarkably intact. The former location of the Pyramid is a phenomenally deep crater now, but was almost fully contained by the obelisks, though many were cracked, or even shattered.

The Golden Rune of Gemin – purportedly weighing someone over a ton — was believed to have been launched across the continent of Idruit. If this is so, it should be clear indication of the sheer power involved in the destruction of the Pyramid. I wonder about Baron Jyostan Hyordruton’s analysis of that event. Did the presence of the Pyramid contain destruction that would have been even more widespread? Or, like the powders and mixtures used in mining, did it focus and cause to be more destructive something that might have been relatively harmless had it been left to happen naturally?

Great Pyramid of Kharetch

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