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I’m trying to keep a list of all unresolved links, nominated articles, with the links that mention them. Some originate from the Microscope Hierarchy (and I might not have grabbed all of those), but otherwise I try to list the ‘from’ articles in the order they are posted.


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Round 6 New Articles

  • The Kreshtar Great Library, lost treasure trove of irreplacable knowledge
  • The Visions of Toherol, a partially-lost set of ancient scrolls of ecstatic prophecy

Round 5 New Articles

Round 4 New Articles
I am really impressed with how rich this place is getting, and the degree of interaction between the articles.

I think it might be worth softening the ‘requirement’ on nominating new articles. We’ve demonstrated that we’ve got that well-covered, and having articles (from the nominated list or not) that refer only to existing articles should not prove to be a problem.

We’ve also had an adventure session, courtesy of Baron Jyostan Hyrodruton, who took an intrepid band (of two PCs) over to Scord to see what there was to see. They found an Alabaster Vessel, some giant crabs, and a creepy lamprey-parrot thing.

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