Ironically, amorphia is the most constant force that exists. It can be relied upon utterly to change. Shifting between matter, energy, and thought, it is both raw (in that it cannot be processed) and refined (in that it is impossibly pure, undiluted by “other.”)

The reality that we know is actually a breakdown in the amorphia that proceeded it. Where many creation myths talk about the wild and dark chaos of the ocean (Urthalic Saga, ch. 2, vs. 18-22), in our enlightened times we know that to be a feeble attempt to prod at the mystery of amorphia.

The scholarly conceptualizations among the cosmic divine investigated their origins, for the gods share the curiosity of mortals. In the Divinations of Schmek, volume 14, an entire chapter is dedicated to the studies of origins.

The Scholar God Brothuxia attributes creation to Verselletch, God of Pacing. Now, Verselletch was not a proper god, but a proto-god; a cosmic pattern that solidified enough to somehow deflect or modify the change around it. The weird prehistoric energies had a doldrum, if you will; a calm that lasted just a bit too long. Long enough for something new to emerge and not be wiped away in the next moment.

Verselletch created time, the concept of a linear movement from past to future. This concept grew within the cosmic net, allowing change to become significant against a backdrop of relative stability. Time would become the most popular tool for building up and tearing down the material world. It was the one weapon the cosmic powers could wield against the amorphia.

Then the cosmic weather shifted, amorphia surged against the planes, and the gods ran out of their only tool—time. They did not react quickly enough to protect the order they had wrested from the change that birthed it.

if you must explain this to a lay person, use the analogy of a sand castle. It still has all the sand and the water, but it has been shaped. If it dries completely, it will crumble. If it is in the surf once more, it dissolves. But if it can maintain its distance and coherence, it has a mix of change and stability that allows it to take on incredible forms.

Amorphia is not a substance, it is a state. On Prime, there are substances that serve as windows, through which the state can be seen. Some of these windows can be opened, releasing change into a mostly static plane. Visionaries, mystics, and cosmic beings have stared into amorphia and recorded their experiences. None are unchanged.

Pure amorphia can cancel immortality. It can mutate life. It can re-order time and open doors through planar walls. It is extraordinarily dangerous and unpredictable. It is one of the most sought after weapons and medicines in all the planes. If you must pursue it, know that it has claimed armies of mortals and immortals before you, and your loss will not register on the scale of destruction it has wrought. It is not a tool for mortals or gods. It can create or destroy. It is the terror and the hope of all that is beyond our reach.


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