Conjury of Illaster

Hadrael of Mysallanin was once the brightest star of the Mysallanin Academy. His works are pregnant with meaning and always bears fruit upon rereading. His most perceptive observations regard the “Nexuses of History”, certain locations that hosted important events in our history. Among these are the Pearly Isle, Diamond Mist Falls, and the Plains of Kresh.

Hadrael, however, failed to extend his observations into the realm of prediction. Note that all events connected to his Nexuses occurred in the distant past. One naturally wonders where and when new Nexuses might arise. Are these remnants of another age or an ongoing feature of our world?

Consider the Conjury of Illaster, which Hadrael mentions in his discussion of the Pearly Isle. The Alabaster Fleet was only a few weeks away, and the Tetrarch of Thindar begged Illaster to save the kingdom. Ilaster assented, but claimed the Pearly Isle was the only location where he could perform the necessary ritual. The Tetrarch ignored the warnings of his advisors and gambled all by moving his court to the Isle.

Illaster was most clever, for he could only trigger the ritual’s power with the blood of an immortal Jesoph. Though he had no conception of a Nexus, Illaster understood that the Pearly Isle held a type of power inimical to the Jesophs. The Tetrarch’s advisor Sorocles was a Jesoph and had accompanied his master. Somehow Illaster convinced the Tetrarch to order Sorocles be chained to the rocks. The ritual was performed, the blood of Sorocles was consumed, and the Alabaster Fleet was blown out to sea and destroyed before it could reach Thindar.

For most scholars, the story ends here. However, recent diggings north of Thindar have uncovered remnants of the Alabaster Fleet near Hookbill Point. Reports of strange events have accompanied the excavations: bloated corpses of sailors that have not decayed, workers cured of illness after touching the rotted wood of a ship, bald men with full heads of hair, and a cook growing a lost leg. Less wondrous incidents have also occurred, but news of these has been suppressed.

The pace of reports increases as the diggings continue. The claims have become more miraculous and harder to explain away as superstition. Trained scholars must examine Hookbill Point, perhaps Hadrael himself. For who could better determine if the remnants of Illaster’s ritual have birthed a new Nexus?

Nemerol, last of the line of Herol

Conjury of Illaster

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