Lecver is often either revered (by the Concordists, for revealing their ‘truth’) or reviled (by just about everyone else who learns of him).

I have skirted the edges of heresy to learn the facts behind his actions and what drove him to his doom.

Yes, doom. Lecver is a tragic figure in the history of the Kreshtar, to be pitied as much as reviled, for his role in our history. As easy as it may be to hold him in contempt, it is perhaps better to hold him as an example of the twisted might of the Niltami and why they are to be despised and avoided, or sought out and destroyed.

If it is possible to truly destroy a being of spiritual negation. The purges of Noviolir were unable to truly eradicate the teachings and followers of the Concordance. Many of the Concordists were killed, but the more cunning and fortunate among them escaped to other lands.

Lecver was a simple scout of the Kreshtar who had the misfortune to stumble upon the Niltami at Diamond Mist Falls. There, he was weakened by hunger and cold, driven mad by the frozen crystalline beauty of the falls themselves, and trapped where the Niltami could taint him with their knowledge, as might the foul Yorolaeth, Whisperer of the Damned.

In the end, an entire generation of the Kreshtar was disrupted by the Concordists. One man, tainted by knowledge forced upon him by the Niltami, almost led to the destruction of all we hold worthy. It took resolute action by the children of Noviolir to overcome this, and even then it took generations to recover.

The Concordists who escaped the purge are still out there, but they spread their knowledge of the Concordance more cautiously. We must continue to be vigilant in our watch against the Niltami; should they again gain a mortal voice, in this times, the effect could be disastrous.

Andruidael the Elder


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